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Posted 2 days ago

Learning to draw directly on color surface D: (skipping pencil part)

I screwed up so many drawings so far because of It, but It’s a good practice and teaches you discipline with traditional media XD;

Red bugger next D:<

Back to commissions tommorow! Sorry for the wait!

Posted 2 weeks ago

Reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally quick ink doodle, I just sketched with red pencil and then drew directly with Ink pen :D

It’s fun to draw traditionally ;u;

This sass Is actually small so face details are crap sorry :D<3

Posted 2 weeks ago

I went to the stoopid pool on Sunday and I got myself right eye infection OTL.

I had day off from work to take care of health related stuff and after I got back home I couldnt look at the PC screen for whole day orz. And TV shows sucks between 3 pm- 7 pm so I was dying out of boredom.

Luckily It got better so despite I still kinda cant stare at screen for too long I was able to draw traditionally and It made my day. Not doing ANYTHING whole day really sucks XD;;; So at least I’ve done something at night. Now I go stare into the ceiling and rethink my life about swimming with peeing kids again (I KNOW ITS THEIR FAULT D:< ).

Anyway sassy gold marker this time and noob Aaire :D <3

Posted 2 weeks ago

Finished version and wip!<3

Simple BG cause there will be letters and logos :’D

Posted 2 weeks ago




Hey guys! Here’s my TUMBLR & DA current sale!

I accept Paypal Only.

If You are interested please mail me at:

Shipping varies from (outside Poland) 5USD (up to 100g) - 9 (100g + ) usd (It’s zone and weight dependant). For Priority Registered…

Since My Car is CURSED I need money asap for repairs… (It’s last time Im repairing It… +__+ It’s 4th time, seriously, Im pissed D:<)

If It breaks again I’ll take a loan for brand new cheap car DDDD:<   So heres some stuff I’d rather not sell so the price is compensating my tears (and customs I’ve had to pay for them OTL ).

Thank You for Looking!

Posted 3 weeks ago

R.I.P Silver Marker, I really liked You. Thankfully I still have got your twin brother :D
I want to draw more stuff like this but silver markers are expensive.

Anyway update on Astir the sass and WIP for Japan Weekend expo poster held in Spain!

Im remembering how to ink orz.

Posted 3 weeks ago

Doodling for fun in free time! :D

I got shiny silver marker *_____*<3

Posted 1 month ago

Sassy Lady commission :D
Today I was out most of the time but Im gonna get more active tommorow! ;u;

Posted 1 month ago

Winter Is coming so winter coat is in order :D
No time for anything today zzz :C

IDK if he would wear so much black tbh lol.

Posted 1 month ago

First set of 8 different outfits I came up with, but havent got time to draw all today.

Jidai likes to run in hakama from time to time and since Astir have rich fammily, he could wear more high-standarts clothes, but he’s too lazy for that.
Also Jidai’s about Astir’s height but he uses sandal cheat (though when they get older Astir will be taller) :D

They’re hard target to design outfits for cause they havent got godlike powers, arent anyone important and are two stupid, lazy dorks :C

Posted 1 month ago
What is beast hunt? Also the art was so good as always!
Anonymous asked

Hello Anon-kun :D

Beast Hunt Is an online comic I’m doing together with my friend. Im in charge of drawing (mostly) shes in charge of the story (mostly).

Currently It’s on a year (or more ORZ) hiatus but I’m slowly pulling myself to revieve It XD;

Here’s the link!

This website will be updated but we will propably move to our own website once It’s back :D


Posted 1 month ago

I wanted to draw something with droplets and I wanted to draw Astir but then I thought it’s too serious for him to be standing like this and romantically staring into unknown so I fixed it.

Posted 1 month ago

Another dorks practice.

Last thing I should be drawing now propably coughcough XD

Posted 1 month ago

Some more Ja’fars cause yeah, new magi chapter, I finnaly saw him *U*

Posted 1 month ago

Ja’far won XD Short break from sassy boobs!

I drew him around SnB Sin’s age :D