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Posted 1 day ago

Sassy Lady commission :D
Today I was out most of the time but Im gonna get more active tommorow! ;u;

Posted 4 days ago

Winter Is coming so winter coat is in order :D
No time for anything today zzz :C

IDK if he would wear so much black tbh lol.

Posted 5 days ago

First set of 8 different outfits I came up with, but havent got time to draw all today.

Jidai likes to run in hakama from time to time and since Astir have rich fammily, he could wear more high-standarts clothes, but he’s too lazy for that.
Also Jidai’s about Astir’s height but he uses sandal cheat (though when they get older Astir will be taller) :D

They’re hard target to design outfits for cause they havent got godlike powers, arent anyone important and are two stupid, lazy dorks :C

Posted 6 days ago
What is beast hunt? Also the art was so good as always!
Anonymous asked

Hello Anon-kun :D

Beast Hunt Is an online comic I’m doing together with my friend. Im in charge of drawing (mostly) shes in charge of the story (mostly).

Currently It’s on a year (or more ORZ) hiatus but I’m slowly pulling myself to revieve It XD;

Here’s the link!

This website will be updated but we will propably move to our own website once It’s back :D


Posted 6 days ago

I wanted to draw something with droplets and I wanted to draw Astir but then I thought it’s too serious for him to be standing like this and romantically staring into unknown so I fixed it.

Posted 1 week ago

Another dorks practice.

Last thing I should be drawing now propably coughcough XD

Posted 1 week ago

Some more Ja’fars cause yeah, new magi chapter, I finnaly saw him *U*

Posted 1 week ago

Ja’far won XD Short break from sassy boobs!

I drew him around SnB Sin’s age :D

Posted 1 week ago

Sexay lady comission WIP :D

I want to draw small Ja’far argh!

Posted 1 week ago

Two brahdorks :D short break from linearting comission orz.

Posted 1 week ago

Food I made with using our new oven ;u;

It was so good omg I ate 2x of these:D But It took AN HOUR too cook the meat gah D:<
 I wanted to take pretty photos but was so hungry I took quick ones instead <3 XD

Anyway here’s the recepie, Its pretty low calories too (sorry for my english)!

0,5 KG Minced turkey meat,
1/2 Onion
2 garlic cloves
3x Zucchini
pepper, salt
a bit of cheese.

200g of chanterelle
1 small spoon of flour
1/2 glass of milk
1/2 glass of yoghurt
1/2 onion

Slice Zucchini in 2 halves and empty it a bit inside.
Mix meat, sliced onion, chive, crushed garlic, zucchini leftovers add salt and pepper till you feel It’s good, You can also put some salt on zucchini halves to make sure It will be salty (They release A LOT of water XD).
Put everything on top of the zucchini and shove it into oven for an hour - 200 degrees - add a bit of salt with water on the griddle inside oven, else it might get burnt.

Take Chantarelles, wash em nice, put 1 spoon of butter on the frying pan, put mushrooms in and keep them there for 5 min, after this add sliced onion and keep it together for another 5 min. Can add some water  to avoid burning It.
After that, add even more water (so It’s around 0,5 cm) and put them under frying pan cover for about 15 min so It boils nice and chantarelles becomes soft <3
After 15 min take a cup, put spoon of flour inside and mix it with milk and yoghurt and add It to the chantarelles - keep it on the fire for 5 min and done! <3

When zucchini is basically done, add some cheese on the top and leave It for 4 min in the oven (still working) after this take them out, top It with mushrooms and nomnomnom ! :D<3

I really loved it and despite I ate A lot i dont feel heavy at all and have power to work XD <3

Posted 2 weeks ago

Commission draft!

Posted 3 weeks ago

Learning to draw this asshole but he is so damn hard somehow gah D:
Sleeeep D:

Posted 4 weeks ago

Ok, to make It spoiler free- I BEAT TheOneWhoKidnappedEstelle TODAY! My first try was uber fail cause I was like level 34 and he 1 hit KO’ed me XD; (His goddamn gay MA D:< )

After this i went on a self-perfecting journey of lvling up on some forsaken island full of baloon monsters and after I hit 51 (IT TOOK ME A DAY!)  I DIED AGAIN D;<

Then I figured Karol is actually better heal support than Estelle and I WON AFTER 3RD TRY D;< YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH PROOOOO!!! Karol You own ass D:<!

But god, fark you TheOneWhoKidnappedEstelle and your gay MA D:<

Anyway have a nostalgic Yuri with his sweet Repede cub (he Is so uber lovely in the movie, garh!)


Anyway I was suprised that beating the crap out of TheOneWhoKidnappedEstelle wasnt actually ending of the game so Im still a prisoner of xbox - In other words -  dont expect updates until i beat this game D:< 40 hours so far (and I dont even bother with side stories cause im waiting to get PS3 version obviously) !!! DDDDD:

I propably should sleep now cause work tommorow, but god, so many feels I wont be able to sleep im sure :C

Posted 1 month ago

After playing Tales of Vesperia for 8 hours, I can say - It’s the gayest part of Tales games I’ve ever played and I love it :D<3 YurixFlynn forever<3
 It’s so obvious <3 It just pains my kokoro that they wont get in da party together forever and ever and ever D: (cause I got stupid xbox bleh and wont get my hands on Japanese PS3 version SOBS).

And somehow english voiceover of Estelle do not pisses me off like Jap one (I wanted to sacrifice her to immortal and invicible polish burning rainbow god when I was watching jap playthrough). But right now I guess shes… OK??? God what am I saying D: I hated this character for like 2 years and I didnt knew, instead of being missy pissy pantsy she actually had some personality. Yeah shes all goodie for the poor, but definately I expected the worst and It wasnt so bad in the end. Really japanese voiceover of this game screwed her so much with all this desu kawaii onnanoko shit. I just hope she wont go through major character change after she goes into damsel in distress mode orz cause I havent spoiled myself beyond that.

Also had a wonderful bday, thank You all for the wishes! <3 Getting older sucks, but It sucks a bit less when You are surrounded by uber awesome derps <3333 :D

Now I go worship my Yuri and Flynn figures~