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Posted 7 hours ago

Double-sided Body Pillow comission :D

Was very fun to draw! <3

Posted 10 hours ago

Had some sassy gurls to draw for comissions :D<3
One is for pillow another one is normal comission.

I actually missed drawing gals, Its fun! :D

Posted 16 hours ago

Have a cute little Heeman and his friend Eren :D

I wanted to draw them for japan expo for postcard but was late orz. I finished today so maybe I do something with these two in the future XD

Posted 1 day ago

Aaire noob <3
He is very manly with all this fur and stuff :D<3

Posted 2 days ago

Stupid OC Rinri in tasteless shoes - He’s too poor to afford pants :C

Practicing fast lineart & coloring, total took around 1h30.

Posted 2 days ago

Ja’far gettin ready for selling things :D!

I love him so much in SnB <3 He’s such a cutie ;y; <3

Posted 4 days ago

A wip of poster for Valencia Spain manga convention~! :D

I have no idea what to do with BG OTL.

Posted 1 week ago

Have some gay stuffs! :D Doodle before sleep!

Aaire vs Dris (Aaire lost</3 )

Posted 3 weeks ago

Since I have a car now I can go to Mcdonalds at 9 PM, buy a goddamn ice cream cause its insanely hot.

Driving license was worth it <3

Posted 3 weeks ago



Hey guys! Here’s my TUMBLR & DA current sale!

I accept Paypal Only.

If You are interested please mail me at:

Shipping varies from (outside Poland) 5USD (up to 100g) - 9 (100g + ) usd (It’s zone and weight dependant). For Priority Registered…

Small update~! :D I need to earn money to do minor fixes on my 4 wheeled baby at the end of the month, any help will be appreciated! <3

Posted 3 weeks ago
I finnaly recovered after Expo I think XD;I&#8217;ll try to get more active orzorz.
Have a sassy Hikyo for now, Till I come up with something better :D

I finnaly recovered after Expo I think XD;
I’ll try to get more active orzorz.

Have a sassy Hikyo for now, Till I come up with something better :D

Posted 1 month ago

I have a car DDDD:!!!!! At long last!!!!

Its our old family car which required a lot of repairs and today I got him back from mechanic ;_; It was a 40 km trip and It was my FIRST EVER alone ride and I thought Im gonna die XD;

But I made It wheee ;u;~!

Im gona post his photos once I wash him (It’s dirty like hell XD; ) since the one I made outside was with flash and at night XD;

I managed to put autobot emblem on the back! (waiting for decepticons emblem to arrive for front since I cant decide who to choose - I pick both! XD )

I also pimped my keys D:<! If It wont be too annoying during ride I’ll add Rei to this set too orz XD

Im gona get more active soon~! :D Had a lot of things to do after I got back from expo >_<


Posted 1 month ago

Some redesigns of outfits I’ve done long ago C:

Kerin, god who usually fails in everything he does and Hikyo the stupid human mage who thinks human mages can actually do anything :c

Posted 1 month ago

Got new babies on japan expo ;v;

Posted 1 month ago



Here’s our final ad. For Japan Expo in france, 2-6 July!

I’ll avoid spamming this website any further (maybe once! but not more! XD)
We are counting on bringing a lot of people to us, since all the costs for this JE got MUCH higher compared to last year XD; And were kinda broke right now coughcough.

So If you have friends in France who will attend JE and are intrested in fan crafts, please let them know! :D Thank You!