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Posted 1 day ago

Couldn’t stop myself <3 XD Cartman, Butters, Kyle and Stan <3

I wanted to draw Princess Kenny but my hand gave up ;v Next time<3

Fullsize :

Posted 1 day ago

Kyal from Stick of Truth <3

I need to draw them all soon!

Posted 1 day ago

Im nolifing today by playing South Park game <3 :D It’s so awesome <333
Just returned from 8-Bit canada lol xD<3

Im so adorbs omg <3 :D

Posted 5 days ago
10 min doodle before bed!
Some basic sassy outfit idea for Aaire.

10 min doodle before bed!

Some basic sassy outfit idea for Aaire.

Posted 1 week ago

Gonna resume comic with these two noobs soon, and so I’ve decided to remember how to draw them XD;

Considering I havent touched them in a year… It could’ve been worse xD

Posted 1 week ago

Since I’ve been kinda sick I wanted to take a break from drawing and watch some anime. But after watching new episodes of incoming anime season, beside mushishi, haikyuu and two other, theres NOTHING TO WATCH. Desperate i was about to leave anime website I use for shameless streaming, but then i saw Gravitation in suggestions, and i was like “Hey I used to love this one when I was 16!”

So I watched it and I became 16 again ;_; God, despite It’s an old anime, and animation didnt age too well compared to other old series i knew, I still It’s the damn cutest/Best MOST ADORBS shounen ai anime EVER <3  And say what you want, but there is no better, retarted couple like Yuki and Shuuichi xD <3 They have no right to exist in a relationship, theyre compllete opposites, but yet, they manage to be together XD<3 I love this show so much god, I even found old scanlations My  Gravitation-Scans aka later Mangagedon scanlation group done and I was laughing half a day how I had no idea about photoshop cause It looked awfull (and we used comic sans at some point too ) XD;;;;

One random ecounter and so many feels and so many memories!
Like we went to RANDOM japanese restaurant, to attack RANDOM japanese cooks and ask them to buy us Gravitation volumes, If they went o Japan LOL <3 (AND THEY DID! )

I also found AMV from 2002-2003. I remember that downloading It took me THREE DAYS via Kazza with 28kbps modem speed  XD;;;;  This completly random AMV made me love this show so much and I’m happy that I found it on the internet again! I think I owe Murakami Maki general direction my style took, since she was the biggest influence, beside Akira Toriyama, ever in my life <3

So yeah, If you havent seen this show, I dont think You would love It as much as I did back then, since artstyle and animation improved a lot since 2002, but still have this little precious amv which was very important in my life XD<3 I’ll never forget, that after watching this AMV i was sure that Gravitation will be VERY SERIOUS SHOW but then i watched it and.. yeah, Gravitation XD;;;;

And on the side note, I draw a lot but can’t post anything here ;< But I’ll try to get more active soon!

Posted 2 weeks ago



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Posted 2 weeks ago

I simply love it, when i design a character, and some time later you get this BRAND NEW SERIES and theres my character in it (by looks of course).

But this time fukk you japanese people I was first (2011)

Whoever says he looks like “whateverthisdudsnameis” from 2013 PS3 game gonna die on spot D:<!


Posted 2 weeks ago

Ok I cant look at my face anymore XD

Since I haven’t done anything else beside planning for the book, here are some previews!

Ill use 5 characters max in the end, so You’re stuck for 15 pages with rinri :P <3

Posted 2 weeks ago

Ok so Radittz had this pretty Madoka figure and when I was picking it, her wings fell off XD; It was when I’ve decided to grow some sassy eyebrows (*゚⚙͠ ∀ ⚙͠)ノ❣Photo & pimpin done by Meago!

Posted 3 weeks ago

Aand here’s lineart done!

DA version which might be bigger

For my book about face and body angles!  *U* Release date planned for July.

I still don’t know will this be the final presentation for the page design and all - I guess I’ll have to figure It out later XD;

My OC Rinri ~

Posted 3 weeks ago

A book prototype Im trying to figure out now for Japan expo 2014 ~!

Will include body/head angles, expression and maybe some coloring technique If i get enough time.

It will be mostly guys (from shota to seme XD <3 ) but I’ll try to draw some gals too :’D

It will be with finished , clean lineart plus cellshade. But we’ll see Q_Q

Despite it will be loads of work Im happy, cause any excuse to draw OC’s is good! XD

Posted 3 weeks ago

After I got back home today i rewatched some SNK. Small Eren is cute kthx! I will adjust this sketch a bit and maybe finish it later for some expos <3

I also doodled some oc’s with yet another 5 min challenge per doodle. Havent done that in a while and I really must get back to doing it D:

Also some preview of picture I cant post :C so have a face for now XD <3

Posted 3 weeks ago

New stuff added! :D (Mostly FREE! )



Hey guys! Here’s my TUMBLR & DA current sale!

I accept Paypal Only.

If You are interested please mail me at:

Shipping varies from (outside Poland) 5 (up to 100g) - 9 (100g + ) usd (It’s zone and weight dependant). For Priority Registered mail….

Posted 3 weeks ago
Are you planning on continuing Beast Hunt?
Anonymous asked

Hello Anon Kun!

Yes we do :) We’re atcually planning to make whole website and move there. There will be a few changes since we will be looking for fastest and best way for this comic to be released frequently. For now we will most likely gather and produce some pages and relaunch It within a month or two max. Once It will be out, I pray to god it wont die out again xD; But now everthing seems to be on a good way!